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OpenMP 3.0 implementation has been released

An initial OpenMP 3.0 implementation using ROSE has been released. ROSE now can parse OpenMP 3.0 directives and translate OpenMP programs into multithreaded code targeting the GCC GOMP runtime library. Please refer to the Chapter named “OpenMP support” in the ROSE

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Autotuning draft tutorial has been released

A draft tutorial of a ROSE-based end-to-end empirical tuning system has been made available online. ROSE is a central component in the SciDAC PERI project to enable performance portability of DOE applications through an empirical optimization system, which incorporates a

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ROSE wins R&D 100 Award!

The ROSE group, led by Dr. Daniel J. Quinlan, has received the 2009 R&D 100 Award for its software, ROSE: Making Compiler Technology Accessible to all Programmers. The R&D 100 Awards, also called the “Oscars of Invention”, are presented annually by

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