7/13/13 – A paper about using ROSE to implement OpenMP accelerator directives

The publication page has been updated with a recent paper named “¬†Early Experiences With The OpenMP Accelerator Model”.

In this paper, we examine the newly released accelerator directives and create an initial reference implementation, referred to as HOMP (Heterogeneous OpenMP). Focused on targeting NVIDIA GPUs, our work is based on an existing OpenMP implementation in the ROSE source-to-source compiler infrastructure. HOMP includes extensions to parse the new constructs and to represent them in the AST and other compiler translation details. Further we provide initial runtime support. For our evaluation, we have adapted a few existing OpenMP codes to use the accelerator model directives and present preliminary performance results. Finally, we critique the accelerator model in terms of its impact on developers and compiler writers and suggest possible improvements.

Some implementation details of the released work are given at a wikibook page. We are continuing to experiment with more accelerator directives and clauses.

The presentation slides were uploaded also in Sept. More recent results have been reflected in the slides.

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