3/15/16 – New web app available to view supported ROSE Configurations

We are so excited to announce that we have created a new web application for ROSE users to see the support status of different ROSE configurations, viewable today at matrix.rosecompiler.org.

A configuration of ROSE includes details like the version of ROSE you’re using, the operating system you’re building on, the compiler version, boost version, and other such tools and dependencies that you’re configuring ROSE with during your installation process. This is a new feature that we are actively working on so stay tuned for many more improvements and much more data rolling out in the near future. We hope this level of transparency will be helpful to all of our users, in addition to the many other new capabilities and improvements the ROSE team is actively working on. Stay tuned for more updates!

Lastly, our Documentation page has been updated with a link to this new web app. So feel free to check it out and see if your configuration of ROSE is supported!



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