7/26/12 – Virtual machine image for ROSE has been released.

A virtual machine image for ROSE has been made available online. Created by using VMware Player, the image contains Ubuntu 10.04 and a pre-built ROSE. The intended users of this image could be first-time users who want to test drive ROSE without installing everything from scratch.

The image has 4.8 GB, with the following contents:

  • sourcetree, cloned from github.com/rose-compiler/rose on July 21, 2012: /home/demo/rose
  • buildtree: /home/demo/buildrose
  • installation tree (–prefix path): /home/demo/opt/rose-inst
  • A script to set environment variables to use the installed ROSE tools: /home/demo/set.rose.env
  • A test translator: /home/demo/myTranslator
  • Some dot graphs of a simplest function: /home/demo/dotGraphs

A demonstration user account (sudo user in Ubuntu) is provided as follows:

  • account: demo
  • password: password

Warning: running virtual machines within LLNL (or any other organizations) need additional authorization. This image is not authorized to be used within LLNL. Please check with your employers before running this image!


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