We have two versions of ROSE, based on the major version of EDG frontend used: ROSE-edg3 (being phased out, no longer maintained since March, 2013) and ROSE-edg4 (the actively maintained one.). New users should use ROSE-edg4 directly.

Software Releases (ROSE-edg3 only)


(~66 MB)

A minimal distribution based on ROSE-edg3, suitable for users who want to build ROSE-based tools, but NOT modify ROSEitself.

(Does not contain any version control metadata. Being phased out, no longer maintained since March, 2013)

Source Code (ROSE-edg3 and ROSE-edg4)


A Git repository with full source-code management, suitable for users who want to modify ROSE.

ROSE-edg3 Repository is still kept for people who are interested in the older version. Again, it is being phased out, no longer maintained.

Virtual Machine Images (both versions)


VMware player virtual machine images, suitable for first-time users who don’t want to install everything from scratch. The Ubuntu VM images contains contain ROSE pre-installed with all of its prerequisites.

Warning: running virtual machines within LLNL (or any other organizations) may need additional authorization. This image is NOT authorized to be used within LLNL. Please check with your employers before running this image!

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