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LibraryIdentification::FunctionIdentification Class Reference


Database interface class for reading and writing function/library identification information from the database.

Definition at line 81 of file libraryIdentification.h.

#include <libraryIdentification.h>

Public Member Functions

 FunctionIdentification (std::string dbName)
 Constructor, creates or opens the database.
void createTables ()
 Make sure that all the tables are defined in the function identification database.
void set_function_match (const library_handle &handle, const std::string s)
void set_function_match (const library_handle &handle, const SgUnsignedCharList &opcode_vector)
void set_function_match (const library_handle &handle, const unsigned char *str, size_t str_length)
bool get_function_match (library_handle &handle, const std::string s) const
 Lookup a function in the database. More...
bool get_function_match (library_handle &handle, const SgUnsignedCharList &opcode_vector) const
bool get_function_match (library_handle &handle, const unsigned char *str, size_t str_length)

Member Function Documentation

bool LibraryIdentification::FunctionIdentification::get_function_match ( library_handle handle,
const std::string  s 
) const

Lookup a function in the database.

True returned if found This can't be const (some sqlite problem).

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