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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Concolic::SymbolicExecutor Class Reference


Definition at line 311 of file BinaryConcolic.h.

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Public Types

typedef Sawyer::SharedPointer< SymbolicExecutorPtr
 Reference counting pointer to SymbolicExecutor. More...

Public Member Functions

std::vector< TestCase::Ptrexecute (const TestCase::Ptr &)
 Execute the test case. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Sawyer::SharedObject
 SharedObject ()
 Default constructor. More...
 SharedObject (const SharedObject &)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual ~SharedObject ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
SharedObjectoperator= (const SharedObject &)
 Assignment. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr instance ()
 Allcoating constructor. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

Reference counting pointer to SymbolicExecutor.

Definition at line 314 of file BinaryConcolic.h.

Member Function Documentation

static Ptr Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Concolic::SymbolicExecutor::instance ( )

Allcoating constructor.

Definition at line 321 of file BinaryConcolic.h.

std::vector<TestCase::Ptr> Rose::BinaryAnalysis::Concolic::SymbolicExecutor::execute ( const TestCase::Ptr )

Execute the test case.

Executes the test case to produce new test cases.

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