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Sawyer::Markup::PodFormatter Class Reference


Definition at line 19 of file MarkupPod.h.

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Public Types

typedef SharedPointer< PodFormatterPtr

Public Member Functions

Ptr title (const std::string &pageName, const std::string &chapterNumber="1", const std::string &chapterName="User Commands")
Ptr version (const std::string &versionString, const std::string &dateString="")
Ptr pageName (const std::string &s)
const std::string & pageName () const
Ptr chapterNumber (const std::string &s)
Ptr chapterNumber (int i)
const std::string & chapterNumber () const
Ptr chapterName (const std::string &s)
const std::string & chapterName () const
Ptr dateString (const std::string &s)
const std::string & dateString () const
Ptr versionString (const std::string &s)
const std::string & versionString () const
std::string toNroff (const ParserResult &)
void emit (const ParserResult &)
virtual void beginDocument (std::ostream &)
virtual void endDocument (std::ostream &)
virtual bool beginTag (std::ostream &, const Tag::Ptr &, const TagArgs &)
virtual void endTag (std::ostream &, const Tag::Ptr &, const TagArgs &)
virtual void text (std::ostream &, const std::string &text)

Static Public Member Functions

static Ptr instance ()

Protected Member Functions

Ptr self ()
size_t nested () const
void checkArgs (const Tag::Ptr &tag, size_t nArgs, const TagArgs &args) const
std::string escape (const std::string &) const

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