We wish to acknowledge a number of specific collaborations that we have with other groups and note related work in this area.


Additionally, as background the following material was suggested to us:

Compiler transformations for high-performance computing .
This paper is a general introduction to transformations for High-Performance Computing.

Generic programming in Fortran .
This paper is ...

Types as models: model checking message-passing programs .
This paper is ...

Term representation benchmark paper .
This paper is ...

Program transformation and runtime support for threaded MPI execution on shared-memory machines .
This paper is about optimizing MPI in shared memory.

OMPI: optimizing MPI programs using partial evaluation .
This paper is ...

Automatic generation and tuning of MPI collective communication routines .
This paper is ...

CC–MPI: a compiled communication capable MPI prototype for ethernet switched clusters .
This paper is ...

A Brief Look at C++0x .
This paper is a short introduction to what to expect in C++ 0X, the sucessor to C++98 standard.

Collaboration diagram for Related Work: