Obsolete documentation


Documentation that has major problems.

This group is a placeholder for all documentation that needs to be reviewed, fixed, or deleted. If fixed, it should be moved to a more appropriate location.

Collaboration diagram for Obsolete documentation:


 AST copy mechanism
 The AST copy mechanism is to deep-copy parts of an AST.
 AST Construction Documentation Experiment
 Here we will look at an example of how to create a function in ROSE and insert it in the code.
 Sage IR node default constructors
 Sage IR node default constructors are not useful.
 ROSE Fortran Support
 ROSE Project ToDo List
 Related Work
 Shared vs. Nonshared IR Nodes within Sage III
 ROSE Project Talks
 ROSE Projects
 The ROSE Project group contains small projects yet to be put formally into ROSE.