ROSE Namespace Reference


int containsString (const std::string &masterString, const std::string &targetString)
std::string getFileNameByTraversalBackToFileNode (const SgNode *astNode)
std::string getFileName (SgLocatedNode *locatedNodePointer) ROSE_DEPRECATED_FUNCTION
int getLineNumber (SgLocatedNode *locatedNodePointer) ROSE_DEPRECATED_FUNCTION
int getColumnNumber (SgLocatedNode *locatedNodePointer) ROSE_DEPRECATED_FUNCTION
bool isPartOfTransformation (SgLocatedNode *locatedNodePointer) ROSE_DEPRECATED_FUNCTION
ROSE_DLL_API std::string getWorkingDirectory ()
ROSE_DLL_API std::string getSourceDirectory (std::string fileNameWithPath)
 get the current directory
std::string getFileNameWithoutPath (SgStatement *statementPointer)
 get the sourceDirectory directory
ROSE_DLL_API std::string stripPathFromFileName (const std::string &fileNameWithPath)
ROSE_DLL_API std::string getPathFromFileName (std::string fileNameWithPath)
 get the filename from the full filename
SgName concatenate (const SgName &X, const SgName &Y)
 get the path from the full filename
ROSE_DLL_API void usage (int status)
void filterInputFile (const std::string inputFileName, const std::string outputFileName)
SgStatementgetPreviousStatement (SgStatement *targetStatement, bool climbOutScope=true)
 Functions to move to SgStatement object in SAGE III later.
SgStatementgetNextStatement (SgStatement *targetStatement)


std::map< SgNode
*, TokenStreamSequenceToNodeMapping * > 
std::map< SgStatement
*, FrontierNode * > 
std::map< SgNode
*, PreviousAndNextNodeData * > 
std::multimap< int, SgStatement * > redundantlyMappedTokensToStatementMultimap
std::set< int > redundantTokenEndingsSet

Function Documentation

int ROSE::containsString ( const std::string &  masterString,
const std::string &  targetString 
std::string ROSE::getFileNameByTraversalBackToFileNode ( const SgNode astNode  ) 
std::string ROSE::getFileName ( SgLocatedNode locatedNodePointer  ) 
int ROSE::getLineNumber ( SgLocatedNode locatedNodePointer  ) 
int ROSE::getColumnNumber ( SgLocatedNode locatedNodePointer  ) 
bool ROSE::isPartOfTransformation ( SgLocatedNode locatedNodePointer  ) 
ROSE_DLL_API std::string ROSE::getWorkingDirectory (  ) 
ROSE_DLL_API std::string ROSE::getSourceDirectory ( std::string  fileNameWithPath  ) 

get the current directory

std::string ROSE::getFileNameWithoutPath ( SgStatement statementPointer  ) 

get the sourceDirectory directory

ROSE_DLL_API std::string ROSE::stripPathFromFileName ( const std::string &  fileNameWithPath  ) 
ROSE_DLL_API std::string ROSE::getPathFromFileName ( std::string  fileNameWithPath  ) 

get the filename from the full filename

SgName ROSE::concatenate ( const SgName X,
const SgName Y 

get the path from the full filename

ROSE_DLL_API void ROSE::usage ( int  status  ) 
void ROSE::filterInputFile ( const std::string  inputFileName,
const std::string  outputFileName 
SgStatement* ROSE::getPreviousStatement ( SgStatement targetStatement,
bool  climbOutScope = true 

Functions to move to SgStatement object in SAGE III later.

SgStatement* ROSE::getNextStatement ( SgStatement targetStatement  ) 

Variable Documentation

std::map<SgNode*,TokenStreamSequenceToNodeMapping*> ROSE::tokenSubsequenceMap
std::map<SgStatement*,FrontierNode*> ROSE::frontierNodes
std::map<SgNode*,PreviousAndNextNodeData*> ROSE::previousAndNextNodeMap

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