AstDisplayInfo.h File Reference

#include <QIcon>

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namespace  AstDisplayInfo


enum  AstDisplayInfo::NodeType {
  AstDisplayInfo::ROOT, AstDisplayInfo::INCLUDE_ROOT, AstDisplayInfo::SRC_FILE, AstDisplayInfo::INCLUDE_FILE,
  AstDisplayInfo::NAMESPACE, AstDisplayInfo::CLASS, AstDisplayInfo::FUNCTION, AstDisplayInfo::LOOP,
 the first 4 entries are only used by beautified ast More...


NodeType AstDisplayInfo::getType (SgNode *)
 Returns "type" of node (class,function,loop,namespace) at Sg*Definitions.
QString AstDisplayInfo::getShortNodeNameDesc (SgNode *node)
QString AstDisplayInfo::getShortNodeTypeDesc (SgNode *node)
QIcon AstDisplayInfo::nodeIcon (SgNode *)
 icon for SgFunctionDeclaration, SgClassDeclaration...
QIcon AstDisplayInfo::includedFilesIcon ()
 icon with several include files
QIcon AstDisplayInfo::includeFileIcon ()
 icon with one include file
QIcon AstDisplayInfo::sourceFileIcon ()
 icon with one source-file

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