RoseQtWidgets Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AsmInstructionBarCreatorCreator for AsmInstructionBar - see SubWindowFactory
AsmInstructionsBarNavigation-Bar for fast browsing through a Binary
AsmMappingInfoMapping Info for AsmToSourceMapper One AsmMappingInfo object represents one line in source-code it stores the line-nr and filename (i.e. a position in source-code) plus a range of SgAsmInstruction 's which where generated out of this source-line
AsmToSourceMapperCreates Annotation with mapping: Source AST <-> Binary AST using dwarf information
AsmTreeFunctionNodeHelper Class for AsmView - Displays FunctionName
AsmTreeInstructionNodeHelper Class for AsmView - Displays Instruction
AsmTreeRootNodeHelper Class for AsmView
AsmViewDisplays a disassembled binary
AsmViewCreatorCreator for AsmView - see SubWindowFactory
AstBinaryNodeLinkAttribute which represents a link to a BinaryAST This class basically stores a set of SgNode's which are associated with the node, where this class was annotated to
AstBrowserWidgetTreeview for browsing a Sage-AST
AstBrowserWidgetCreatorCreator for AstBrowserWidget - see SubWindowFactory
AstFilterAllAstFilter which always displays all node's (no-filter)
AstFilterAndClass to combine two AstFilter's with logical AND
AstFilterFileByIdFilters an AST by FileId
AstFilterFileByNameFilters an AST by FileName
AstFilterInterfaceAbstract Base class for all AstFilters\
AstFilterMetricAttributeByThresholdFiltering by MetricAttribute
AstGraphWidgetLayout of an AST in a graphicsview (similar to zgrViewer )
AstGraphWidgetCreatorCreator for AstGraphWidget - see SubWindowFactory
AstNodeLinkAttributeAttribute which represents a link to another AST
AstSourceNodeLinkAttribute which represents a link to a SourceAST This class basically stores a set of SgNode's which are associated with the node, where this class was annotated to
BAstModelThe Qt-Model representing a beautified AST
BAstNodeA treenode of a Beautified AST
BAstViewA tree showing namespaces,classes,function,loops (not raw SgNodes)
BeautifiedAstCreatorCreator for BAstView - see SubWindowFactory
BinaryFileHeaderNodeHelper class for ProjectManager - RootNode of all BinaryFiles
BinaryFileNodeNode in ProjectManager which represents a BinaryFile
CallGraphWidgetDisplays a call-graph
CallGraphWidgetCreatorCreator for CallGraphWidget - see SubWindowFactory
CmdLineEditDialogSimple Line-Editor for editing CommandLineOptions
DependencyInfoClass for managing build-dependencies
DisplayCallGraphDisplay information for a callgraph
DisplayEdgeDisplay information for an edge
DisplayGraphManages the display and layouting of a Graph
DisplayGraphNodeDisplay Information for a Graph Node
DisplayNodeClass for drawing a Node on a QGraphicsScene each node may have a caption and an SgNode associated to it
DisplayTreeGeneratorClass to build up a tree out of DisplayTreeNode 's
DisplayTreeNodeA DisplayNode used to manage a tree
FlopCounterAnnotates the AST with information of FLOP operations
FlopsHelper Class for FlopCounter Accumulates occurance of VariantT given in constructor
GccCompileTaskTask which uses gcc to compile a source file
GccOutputParserParses output of the gcc/g++ to get position of errors or warnings
ItemTreeNodeNode for building a tree which can be used to implement QAbstractItemModel For usage example see on of the many derived classes.
A similar class is provided now by Qt in the QTreeWidget - consider using QTreeWidget instead of QTreeView
KiviatInfoWidget to configure a MetricsKiviat
KiviatViewGeneric Qt-Widget for displaying Kiviats (polar diagrams)
MetricFilterWidget for filtering according to metric attribute (show "hot regions" of code)
impl::MetricsConfigImplementation class for MetricsConfig
MetricsConfigProvides configuration dialog for ranges and normalization of metric attributes
MetricsInfoStores MetricAttribute Normalization
MetricsKiviatExtension of KiviatView for showing metric attributes
MetricsKiviatCreatorCreator for MetricsKiviat - see SubWindowFactory
NodeInfoWidgetShows information about an SgNode (similar to pdf generator)
NodeInfoWidgetCreatorCreator for NodeInfoWidget - see SubWindowFactory
ProjectManagerCentral (singleton) class for managing SgProjects
ProjectManagerRootNode'Dummy' class used as Root Display Node
ProjectNodeClass for representing one (Sg)Project in the GUI
ProjectViewDisplay of ProjectManager Status
PropertyTreeWidgetGeneric Qt Class for displaying Property-Value pairs
PropertyValueNodeNode which displays a Property-Value pair with optional icon
InstructionCountAnnotator::PTracerExecution Count annotation based on ptrace()
QCodeEditWidgetC++ Editor Widget, using QCodeEdit ( )
qrs::QRoseComponentProxyProxy class to use QRose widgets in the RoseGui
QRQueryBoxCreatorCreator for QRQueryBox - see SubWindowFactory
QRSourceBoxCreatorCreator for QRSourceBox - see SubWindowFactory
QRTreeBoxCreatorCreator for QRTreeBox - see SubWindowFactory
QtAstModelA ModelView class which represents the data in an AST
QtAstModel::ModelNodeNode for a tree consisting of DisplayInformation of an Ast
RoseCodeEditClass which extends QCodeEditWidget to support SgNode's
RoseCodeEditCreatorCreator for RoseCodeEdit - see SubWindowFactory
RoseFileComboBoxComboBox which displays all files associated with an SgProject User can select a file, and according signals are emitted
RoseFileSelectorCreatorCreator for RoseFileSelector - see SubWindowFactory
RoseFrontendOutputWidget for displaying the warnings/errors of the ROSE frontend call
RoseFrontendTaskTask for calling the ROSE frontend
RoseGraphicsViewGraphicsView which can display trees or graphs
RoseTreeViewTreeView displaying an ItemTreeModel
SourceFileHeaderNodeHelper class for ProjectManager - RootNode of all SourceFiles
SourceFileNodeNode in ProjectManager which represents a SourceFile for calling the rose-frontend RoseFrontendTask is used
SrcBinViewDisplays Source and Binary side-by-side
SrcBinViewCreatorCreator for SrcBinView - see SubWindowFactory
StreamRedirector< Elem, Tr >
SubWindowFactoryQMdiArea with ROSE sub-widgets
TaskInterface for a Task (frontend call, compiler call, annotation etc)
TaskListList of (running, paused, done) processes
  • the process is setup before, and the signals finished* are connected
  • the list calls the RoseProcess::run
  • processes items exist until the user removes them
TaskListItemItem of the TaskList widget
TreeLayoutGeneratorLayout of Tree according to Reingold and Tilford
LCS::vector_start_at_one< T >
WidgetCreatorInterfaceInterface for WidgetCreators

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