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AstTerm Class Reference


Definition at line 13 of file AstTerm.h.

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string astTermToMultiLineString (SgNode *node, int sep=1, int pos=0)
static std::string astTermWithNullValuesAndTypesToString (SgNode *node)
static std::string astTermWithNullValuesToString (SgNode *node)
static std::string astTermWithNullValuesToString (SgNode *node, bool withNumbers)
static std::string astTermWithNullValuesToString (SgNode *node, bool withNumbers, bool withTypes)
static std::string astTermWithNullValuesToDot (SgNode *root)
static std::string astTermWithoutNullValuesToDot (SgNode *root)
static std::string astTermWithNullValuesToDotFragment (SgNode *root)
static std::string astTermToDot (RoseAst::iterator start, RoseAst::iterator end)
static std::string functionAstTermsWithNullValuesToDot (SgNode *root)
static std::string pointerExprToString (SgNode *node)

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