Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NAbstractHandleString annotations to uniquely indicate any source constructs
 NAST_FileIOThis Namespace supports the file I/O for the AST
 NAstFromStringParser building blocks for creating simple recursive descent parsers generating AST from strings
 NCommandlineProcessingCommand line processing utility functions. Functions in this namespace are in the ROSE Utilities library and
 NIntegerOpsBit-wise operations on integers
 NOmpSupportTypes and functions to support OpenMP
 NRoseMain namespace for the ROSE library
 NBinaryAnalysisBinary analysis
 NCallingConventionSupport for binary calling conventions
 NCommitWhether to commit memory allocations
 NInstructionSemantics2Binary instruction semantics
 NBaseSemanticsBase classes for instruction semantics
 NConcreteSemanticsA concrete semantic domain
 NIntervalSemanticsAn interval analysis semantic domain
 NLlvmSemanticsA semantic domain to generate LLVM
 NMultiSemanticsSemantic domain composed of subdomains
 NNullSemanticsSemantic domain that does nothing, but is well documented
 NPartialSymbolicSemanticsA fast, partially symbolic semantic domain
 NSourceAstSemanticsGenerate C source AST from binary AST
 NStaticSemanticsGenerate static semantics and attach to the AST
 NSymbolicSemanticsA fully symbolic semantic domain
 NTraceSemanticsA semantics domain wrapper that prints and checks all RISC operators as they occur
 NPartitioner2Binary function detection
 NDataFlowData-flow utilities
 NGraphVizSupport for generating and reading GraphViz output
 NFixUndefinedSymbolsBoolean flag for tryLink
 NPointerDetectionPointer detection analysis
 NReturnValueUsedContains functions that analyze whether a function returns a value which is used by the caller
 NStackDeltaStack delta analysis
 NStringsSuport for finding strings in memory
 NSymbolicExprNamespace supplying types and functions for symbolic expressions
 NUnparserGenerates pseudo-assembly listings
 NCombinatoricsCombinatoric functions
 NCommandLineCommand line parsing
 NDiagnosticsControls diagnostic messages from ROSE
 NEditDistanceEdit distance algorithms and analyses
 NLinearEditDistanceEdit distance for ASTs
 NTreeEditDistanceAnalysis to determine how to make one AST look like another
 NFileSystemFunctions for operating on files in a filesystem
 NGraphUtilityGraph utilities
 NParallelSortAlgorithms for parallel sorting
 NSageBuilderAsmFunctions to build binary analysis ASTs
 NStringUtilityFunctions for operating on strings
 NROSE_CallbacksUser callbacks
 NSageBuilderFunctions that build an AST
 NSageInterfaceFunctions that are useful when operating on the AST
 NSawyerName space for the entire library
 NAssertRun-time logic assertions
 NAttributeAttributes attached to other objects
 NBoostBoost Graph Library API for Sawyer::Container::Boost
 NCommandLineParses program command line switches and arguments
 NBoostDrop-in replacement to help boost users
 NContainerContainer classes that store user-defined values
 NAlgorithmAlgorithms that operate on container classes
 NBitVectorSupportSupport functions for bit vectors
 NDocumentDocumentation-related entities
 NMarkupA system for embedding function calls in text
 NFileSystemFile system utilities
 NMessageFormatted diagnostic messages emitted to various backends
 NCommonCommonly used message types
 NProgressBarSettingsGlobal settings for progress bars
 NTypeData types
 NSqlDatabaseSupport for a variety of relational database drivers