ExtentMap Member List

This is the complete list of members for ExtentMap, including all inherited members.

allocate_at(const Extent &request)ExtentMap
allocate_best_fit(const rose_addr_t size)ExtentMap
allocate_first_fit(const rose_addr_t size)ExtentMap
begin()RangeMap< Extent >inline
begin() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
best_fit(const typename Range::Value &size, iterator start)RangeMap< Extent >inline
best_fit(const typename Range::Value &size, const_iterator start) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
category(const Extent &a, const Extent &b)ExtentMapstatic
check() const (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >inline
clear(bool notify=true)RangeMap< Extent >inline
const_iterator typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >
const_reverse_iterator typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >
contains(Range need) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
contains(const RangeMap &x) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
distinct(const Range &r) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
distinct(const RangeMap &x) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
dump_extents(std::ostream &, const std::string &prefix="", const std::string &label="") const (defined in ExtentMap)ExtentMap
dump_extents(FILE *f, const char *prefix, const char *label, bool pad=true) const ExtentMap
empty() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
end()RangeMap< Extent >inline
end() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
erase(const Range &erase_range)RangeMap< Extent >inline
erase_ranges(const OtherMap &other)RangeMap< Extent >inline
ExtentMap() (defined in ExtentMap)ExtentMapinline
ExtentMap(const Other &other) (defined in ExtentMap)ExtentMapinline
find(const typename Range::Value &addr)RangeMap< Extent >inline
find(const typename Range::Value &addr) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
find_overlap(const RangeMap &x)RangeMap< Extent >inline
find_overlap(iterator start, iterator stop, const RangeMap &x)RangeMap< Extent >inline
find_overlap(const_iterator start, const_iterator stop, const RangeMap &x) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
find_prior(const typename Range::Value &addr)RangeMap< Extent >inline
find_prior(const typename Range::Value &addr) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
first_fit(const typename Range::Value &size, iterator start)RangeMap< Extent >inline
first_fit(const typename Range::Value &size, const_iterator start)RangeMap< Extent >inline
first_overlap(const RangeMap &x) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
insert(Range new_range, Value new_value=Value(), bool make_hole=true)RangeMap< Extent >inline
insert_ranges(const RangeMap &x, bool make_hole=true)RangeMap< Extent >inline
insert_ranges(const_iterator start, const_iterator stop, bool make_hole=true)RangeMap< Extent >inline
invert() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
invert_within(const Range &limits) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
iterator typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >
lower_bound(const typename Range::Value &addr)RangeMap< Extent >inline
lower_bound(const typename Range::Value &addr) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
Map typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >protected
MapPair typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >protected
max() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
min() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
minmax() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
nranges() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
overlaps(const RangeMap &x) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
overlaps(const Range &r) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
print(std::ostream &o) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
Range typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >
RangeMap()RangeMap< Extent >inline
RangeMap(const Other &other)RangeMap< Extent >inlineexplicit
RangePair typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >protected
ranges (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >protected
rbegin()RangeMap< Extent >inline
rbegin() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
rend()RangeMap< Extent >inline
rend() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
reverse_iterator typedef (defined in RangeMap< Extent >)RangeMap< Extent >
select_overlapping_ranges(const Range &selector) constRangeMap< Extent >inline
size() constRangeMap< Extent >inline
subtract_from(const Extent &e) const (defined in ExtentMap)ExtentMapinline
Value typedefRangeMap< Extent >