Sawyer Support Library


Sawyer is a library for library writers.

It's used by software such as ROSE and part of Sawyer is distributed with ROSE. The complete, canonical documentation for Sawyer is located here. Sawyer is a library that provides the following:

Design goals for this library can be found in the Design goals page.

Installation instructions can be found on the Installation page.

Other things on the way but not yet ready:

The Sawyer namespace is a good place to start for documentation.

Collaboration diagram for Sawyer Support Library:


 Command line parser factories
 Factories for creating instances of Sawyer::CommandLine::ValueParser subclasses.
 Command line action factories
 Factories for creating instances of Sawyer::CommandLine::SwitchAction subclasses.
 Command line value augmenter factories
 Factories for creating instances of Sawyer::CommandLine::ValueAugmenter subclasses.
 Sawyer can be downloaded from GitHub.
 Library design goals
 Goals that influence the design of this library.
 Reference counting smart pointers
 Pointers that automatically delete the underlying object.
 Class properties
 Data members that that store a simple value.