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AST_FILE_IO Class Reference


Class holding static data and functions supporting File I/O.

Test of the AST File I/O mechanism include:

Definition at line 18 of file AST_FILE_IO.h.


class  MemoryCheckingTraversalForAstFileIO

Public Types

typedef AstAttribute *(AstAttribute::* CONSTRUCTOR) (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static void startUp (SgProject *root)
static unsigned long getSizeOfMemoryPool (const int position)
static unsigned long getSizeOfMemoryPoolUpToAst (AstData *astInPool, const int position)
static unsigned long getAccumulatedPoolSizeOfNewAst (const int position)
static unsigned long getAccumulatedPoolSizeOfAst (AstData *astInPool, const int position)
static unsigned long getPoolSizeOfNewAst (const int sgVariant)
static unsigned long getTotalNumberOfNodesOfAstInMemoryPool ()
static unsigned long getTotalNumberOfNodesOfNewAst ()
static bool areFreepointersContainingGlobalIndices ()
static unsigned long getGlobalIndexFromSgClassPointer (SgNode *pointer)
static SgNodegetSgClassPointerFromGlobalIndex (unsigned long globalIndex)
static void compressAstInMemoryPool ()
static void resetValidAstAfterWriting ()
static void clearAllMemoryPools ()
static void deleteMemoryPools ()
static void deleteStaticData ()
static void deleteStoredAsts ()
static void setStaticDataOfAst (AstData *astInPool)
static int getNumberOfAsts ()
static void addNewAst (AstData *newAst)
static void extendMemoryPoolsForRebuildingAST ()
static void writeASTToStream (std::ostream &out)
static void writeASTToFile (std::string fileName)
static std::string writeASTToString ()
static SgProjectreadASTFromStream (std::istream &in)
static SgProjectreadASTFromFile (std::string fileName)
static SgProjectreadASTFromString (const std::string &s)
static void printFileMaps ()
static void printListOfPoolSizes ()
static void printListOfPoolSizesOfAst (int index)
static AstData * getAst (int index)
static AstData * getAstWithRoot (SgProject *root)
template<class TYPE >
static void registerAttribute ()
static const std::map< std::string, CONSTRUCTOR > & getRegisteredAttributes ()
static void reset ()
static void display (const std::string &label)

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