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AST_FILE_IO Class Reference


Class holding static data and functions supporting File I/O.

Test of the AST File I/O mechanism include:

Definition at line 18 of file AST_FILE_IO.h.


class  MemoryCheckingTraversalForAstFileIO

Public Types

typedef AstAttribute *(AstAttribute::* CONSTRUCTOR) (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static void startUp (SgProject *root)
static unsigned long getSizeOfMemoryPool (const int position)
static unsigned long getSizeOfMemoryPoolUpToAst (AstData *astInPool, const int position)
static unsigned long getAccumulatedPoolSizeOfNewAst (const int position)
static unsigned long getAccumulatedPoolSizeOfAst (AstData *astInPool, const int position)
static unsigned long getPoolSizeOfNewAst (const int sgVariant)
static unsigned long getTotalNumberOfNodesOfAstInMemoryPool ()
static unsigned long getTotalNumberOfNodesOfNewAst ()
static bool areFreepointersContainingGlobalIndices ()
static unsigned long getGlobalIndexFromSgClassPointer (SgNode *pointer)
static SgNodegetSgClassPointerFromGlobalIndex (unsigned long globalIndex)
static void compressAstInMemoryPool ()
static void resetValidAstAfterWriting ()
static void clearAllMemoryPools ()
static void deleteStaticData ()
static void deleteStoredAsts ()
static void setStaticDataOfAst (AstData *astInPool)
static int getNumberOfAsts ()
static void addNewAst (AstData *newAst)
static void extendMemoryPoolsForRebuildingAST ()
static void writeASTToStream (std::ostream &out)
static void writeASTToFile (std::string fileName)
static std::string writeASTToString ()
static SgProjectreadASTFromStream (std::istream &in)
static SgProjectreadASTFromFile (std::string fileName)
static SgProjectreadASTFromString (const std::string &s)
static void printFileMaps ()
static void printListOfPoolSizes ()
static void printListOfPoolSizesOfAst (int index)
static AstData * getAst (int index)
static AstData * getAstWithRoot (SgProject *root)
template<class TYPE >
static void registerAttribute ()
static const std::map< std::string, CONSTRUCTOR > & getRegisteredAttributes ()
static void reset ()
static void display (const std::string &label)

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