CGFunction Member List

This is the complete list of members for CGFunction, including all inherited members.

callees() const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunctioninline
callers() const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunctioninline
CGFunction(std::string name, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph) (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
CGFunction(SgFunctionDeclaration *sample, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph) (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
CGFunction(SgGraphNode *sample, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph) (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
CGFunction(const CGFunction &that) (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
CGFunction(const CGFunction *that) (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
decl (defined in Function)Functionprotected
end() const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunctioninline
eq(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
Function() (defined in Function)Function
Function(std::string name) (defined in Function)Function
Function(SgFunctionDeclaration *sample) (defined in Function)Function
Function(SgFunctionDefinition *sample) (defined in Function)Function
Function(SgFunctionCallExp *funcCall) (defined in Function)Function
Function(const Function &that) (defined in Function)Function
Function(const Function *that) (defined in Function)Function
get_declaration() const (defined in Function)Function
get_definition() const (defined in Function)Function
get_file_info() const (defined in Function)Function
get_name() const (defined in Function)Function
get_params() const (defined in Function)Function
getCanonicalDecl(SgFunctionDeclaration *decl) (defined in Function)Functionstatic
init(SgFunctionDeclaration *sample) (defined in Function)Function
initCGNodes() (defined in CGFunction)CGFunctionprotected
lessThan(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Functionprotected
operator!=(const CGFunction &that) const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
operator!=(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
operator<(const CGFunction &that) const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
operator<(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
operator<=(const CGFunction &that) const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
operator<=(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
operator==(const CGFunction &that) const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
operator==(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
operator>(const CGFunction &that) const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
operator>(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
operator>=(const CGFunction &that) const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunction
operator>=(const Function &that) const (defined in Function)Function
predecessors() const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunctioninline
str(std::string indent="") const (defined in Function)Function
successors() const (defined in CGFunction)CGFunctioninline