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CGFunction Class Reference


Definition at line 80 of file CallGraphTraverse.h.

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class  iterator

Public Member Functions

 CGFunction (std::string name, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
 CGFunction (SgFunctionDeclaration *sample, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
 CGFunction (SgGraphNode *sample, SgIncidenceDirectedGraph *graph)
 CGFunction (const CGFunction &that)
 CGFunction (const CGFunction *that)
bool operator== (const CGFunction &that) const
bool operator!= (const CGFunction &that) const
bool operator< (const CGFunction &that) const
bool operator> (const CGFunction &that) const
bool operator<= (const CGFunction &that) const
bool operator>= (const CGFunction &that) const
iterator callees () const
iterator successors () const
iterator callers () const
iterator predecessors () const
iterator end () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Function
 Function (std::string name)
 Function (SgFunctionDeclaration *sample)
 Function (SgFunctionDefinition *sample)
 Function (SgFunctionCallExp *funcCall)
void init (SgFunctionDeclaration *sample)
 Function (const Function &that)
 Function (const Function *that)
bool eq (const Function &that) const
bool operator== (const Function &that) const
bool operator!= (const Function &that) const
bool operator< (const Function &that) const
bool operator> (const Function &that) const
bool operator<= (const Function &that) const
bool operator>= (const Function &that) const
SgName get_name () const
SgFunctionDefinitionget_definition () const
SgFunctionDeclarationget_declaration () const
Sg_File_Infoget_file_info () const
SgInitializedNamePtrList get_params () const
std::string str (std::string indent="") const

Protected Member Functions

void initCGNodes ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Function
bool lessThan (const Function &that) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Function
static SgFunctionDeclarationgetCanonicalDecl (SgFunctionDeclaration *decl)
- Protected Attributes inherited from Function

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