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CppToCppTranslator Class Reference


Default Cpp2Cpp Translator.

Translates a C++ program by invoking the EDG frontend and the ROSE backend, to a slightly reformatted C++ program. The default midend is the identity transformation. This Translator can be customized by overriding frontend/midend/backend. Examples are CppToDotTranslator, CppToJsonTranslator, CppTestTranslator.

Definition at line 19 of file roseTranslators.h.

#include <roseSupport/roseTranslators.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void setOptions (int argc, char **argv)
virtual void setOptions (const std::vector< std::string > &argvList)
virtual void frontend ()
virtual void midend ()
virtual void backend ()
virtual int status ()
 the status code allows to report front/mid/backend warnings and errors.
virtual void printMessage (std::string s)
 messages to the user (stdout). More...

Protected Member Functions

SgProjectgetAstRoot ()
 This function is used to get the root of the Ast which is generated by the frontend.
void setAstRoot (SgProject *)
 The AST root is set by the frontend.
void setStatusCode (int code)

Member Function Documentation

virtual void CppToCppTranslator::printMessage ( std::string  s)

messages to the user (stdout).

Handles the impact of command line flags on printing of messages to stdout. For example, it is suppressed in preprocessing mode.

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