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ROSEAttributesList Class Reference


Definition at line 500 of file rose_attributes_list.h.

Public Types

enum  languageTypeEnum {
  e_unknown_language = 0,
  e_C_language = 1,
  e_Cxx_language = 2,
  e_Fortran77_language = 3,
  e_Fortran9x_language = 4,
  e_Ada_language = 5,

Public Member Functions

void addElement (PreprocessingInfo::DirectiveType, const std::string &pLine, const std::string &filename, int lineNumber, int columnNumber, int numberOfLines)
void addElement (PreprocessingInfo &pRef)
void moveElements (ROSEAttributesList &)
void insertElement (PreprocessingInfo &pRef)
void setFileName (const std::string &fName)
std::string getFileName ()
void setIndex (int i)
int getIndex ()
PreprocessingInfooperator[] (int i)
int size (void)
int getLength (void)
void deepClean (void)
void clean (void)
std::vector< PreprocessingInfo * > & getList ()
void display (const std::string &label)
void set_rawTokenStream (LexTokenStreamTypePointer s)
LexTokenStreamTypePointer get_rawTokenStream ()
void generatePreprocessorDirectivesAndCommentsForAST (const std::string &filename)
void collectPreprocessorDirectivesAndCommentsForAST (const std::string &filename, languageTypeEnum languageType)
bool isFortran77Comment (const std::string &line)
bool isFortran90Comment (const std::string &line)
bool isCppDirective (const std::string &line, PreprocessingInfo::DirectiveType &cppDeclarationKind, std::string &restOfTheLine)
void generateFileIdListFromLineDirectives ()
std::set< int > & get_filenameIdSet ()
PreprocessingInfolastElement ()

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