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Rose::CodeGen::API< CRT > Class Template Reference


template<typename CRT>
class Rose::CodeGen::API< CRT >

permits to gather types and symbols to extract an API from a set of headers.

Definition at line 17 of file API.h.

#include <Rose/CodeGen/API.h>

Public Types

using a_namespace = symbol_t< Object::a_namespace > *
using a_class = symbol_t< Object::a_class > *
using a_typedef = symbol_t< Object::a_typedef > *
using a_variable = symbol_t< Object::a_variable > *
using a_function = symbol_t< Object::a_function > *

Public Member Functions

void load (Driver &driver)
void display (std::ostream &out) const
void add_nodes_for_namequal (Driver &driver, SgSourceFile *srcfile) const
std::set< size_t > const & fids () const

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