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Rose::Combinatorics::Hasher::HasherMaker< T > Class Template Reference


template<typename T>
class Rose::Combinatorics::Hasher::HasherMaker< T >

Templated to create any Hasher and register it with HasherFactory.

HasherMaker makes the Hasher named by typename T, and automatically registers itself with HasherFactory. If a user creates a new Hasher, In their implemntation file (.C) they should include a static variable declared and defined like this: static Hasher::HasherMaker<HasherSha256Builtin> makerSHA256("SHA256");

The instantiation of this variable at module load time will call the HasherMaker constructor, which automatically registers it with the HasherFactor (and constructs the HasherFactory if necessary.)

Definition at line 256 of file Combinatorics.h.

#include <roseSupport/Combinatorics.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HasherMaker (const std::string &hashType)
 Creates a HasherMaker and registers it with HasherFactory. More...
virtual boost::shared_ptr< Hashercreate () const
 Creates a Hasher (the type of Hasher is determined by the template T) and returns it as a shared_ptr.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T >
Rose::Combinatorics::Hasher::HasherMaker< T >::HasherMaker ( const std::string &  hashType)

Creates a HasherMaker and registers it with HasherFactory.

Make HasherMakers static variableso so this is run at module initialization time.

[in]hashTypeThe name/key of this hasher in the HasherFactory.

Definition at line 267 of file Combinatorics.h.

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