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Rose::FormattedTable::CellProperties Class Reference


Properties for a particular cell.

Definition at line 42 of file FormattedTable.h.

#include <Rose/FormattedTable.h>

Public Member Functions

 CellProperties ()
 Default constructor. More...
 CellProperties (const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > &foreground, const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > &background, const Sawyer::Optional< Alignment > &alignment)
 Constructor. More...
const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > & foreground () const
 Property: Foreground color.
CellPropertiesforeground (const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > &)
 Property: Foreground color.
const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > & background () const
 Property: Background color.
CellPropertiesbackground (const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > &)
 Property: Background color.
const Sawyer::Optional< Alignment > & alignment () const
 Property: Horizontal alignment.
CellPropertiesalignment (const Sawyer::Optional< Alignment > &)
 Property: Horizontal alignment.

Static Public Member Functions

static CellProperties merge (const CellProperties &a, const CellProperties &b)
 Create new properties by merging two properties. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Rose::FormattedTable::CellProperties::CellProperties ( )

Default constructor.

No specific properties are set.

Rose::FormattedTable::CellProperties::CellProperties ( const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > &  foreground,
const Sawyer::Optional< Color::HSV > &  background,
const Sawyer::Optional< Alignment > &  alignment 


Sets properties as specified.

Member Function Documentation

static CellProperties Rose::FormattedTable::CellProperties::merge ( const CellProperties a,
const CellProperties b 

Create new properties by merging two properties.

The return value has values from object a or object b, whichever is set, in that order.

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