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Rose::Stringifier Class Reference


Shortens names of int64_t stringifiers.

Enum stringifier functions are automatically and sometimes have very long names. This class is intended to be a convenient way to make a locally short-named object that can be used in place of the long stringifier.

Stringifier stringifyType(stringifyBinaryAnalysisInstructionSemanticsDataFlowSemanticsDataFlowEdgeEdgeType);
std::cout <<stringifyType(CLOBBER) <<"\n";

Definition at line 20 of file stringify.h.

#include <roseSupport/stringify.h>

Public Member Functions

 Stringifier (std::string(*stringifier)(int64_t, const char *, bool))
std::string operator() (int64_t n, const char *strip=NULL, bool canonic=false)

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