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Sawyer::Message::FacilitiesGuard Class Reference


Saves and restores facilities.

The constructor saves the facilities settings (which streams are enabled and disabled) and the destructor restores them. This does not save the actual list of streams, so if streams are erased/inserted they will not be restored.

Definition at line 2018 of file Message.h.

#include <util/Sawyer/Message.h>

Public Member Functions

 FacilitiesGuard ()
 Saves and restores the global message facilities. More...
 FacilitiesGuard (Facilities &facilities)
 Saves and restores specified message facilities. More...
 ~FacilitiesGuard ()
 Restores previously saved facility settings. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Sawyer::Message::FacilitiesGuard::FacilitiesGuard ( )

Saves and restores the global message facilities.

Saves and restores which streams are enabled in mfacilities.

Definition at line 2026 of file Message.h.

Sawyer::Message::FacilitiesGuard::FacilitiesGuard ( Facilities facilities)

Saves and restores specified message facilities.

Definition at line 2032 of file Message.h.

Sawyer::Message::FacilitiesGuard::~FacilitiesGuard ( )

Restores previously saved facility settings.

Definition at line 2038 of file Message.h.

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