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Sawyer::Message::HighWater Class Reference


Definition at line 931 of file Message.h.

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Public Member Functions

 HighWater (const Mesg &m, const MesgProps &p)
Sawyer::SynchronizationTraits< Sawyer::SingleThreadedTag >::RecursiveMutex & mutex () const
void emitted (const Mesg &, const MesgProps &)
 Make specified message the high water mark. More...
void clear ()
 Reset to initial state. More...
bool isValid () const
 Returns true if high water is defined. More...
unsigned id () const
 Exception unless isValid(). More...
MesgProps properties () const
size_t ntext () const
 Zero if !isValid(). More...

Protected Member Functions

 HighWater (const HighWater &)
HighWateroperator= (const HighWater &)

Protected Attributes

Sawyer::SynchronizationTraits< Sawyer::SingleThreadedTag >::RecursiveMutex mutex_

Member Function Documentation

void Sawyer::Message::HighWater::emitted ( const Mesg ,
const MesgProps  

Make specified message the high water mark.

void Sawyer::Message::HighWater::clear ( )

Reset to initial state.

bool Sawyer::Message::HighWater::isValid ( ) const

Returns true if high water is defined.

unsigned Sawyer::Message::HighWater::id ( ) const

Exception unless isValid().

size_t Sawyer::Message::HighWater::ntext ( ) const

Zero if !isValid().

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