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Sawyer::ProxyAllocator< Allocator > Class Template Reference


template<class Allocator>
class Sawyer::ProxyAllocator< Allocator >

Allocator proxy.

Allocators are copied by value when containers are created, which means that each container would normally have its own allocator. However, sometimes, like for pool allocators, performance can be better if multiple containers could share an allocator. An allocator proxy allows containers to share allocators by having the proxy reference the allocator. When the proxy is copied, the new copy continues to point to the original allocator.

Example usage:

Sawyer::PoolAllocator pool; // one pool of memory for all graphs
Graph g1(pool);
Graph g2(pool);

Definition at line 60 of file DefaultAllocator.h.

#include <util/Sawyer/DefaultAllocator.h>

Public Member Functions

 ProxyAllocator (Allocator &allocator)
 Constructor. More...
void * allocate (size_t size)
 Allocate memory. More...
void deallocate (void *addr, size_t size)
 Deallocate memory. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class Allocator >
Sawyer::ProxyAllocator< Allocator >::ProxyAllocator ( Allocator &  allocator)


The constructor stores a reference to the allocator within the new proxy object. All copies of the proxy will refer to the same allocator.

Definition at line 67 of file DefaultAllocator.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Allocator >
void* Sawyer::ProxyAllocator< Allocator >::allocate ( size_t  size)

Allocate memory.

Allocates new memory by delegating to the underlying allocator.

See also

Definition at line 74 of file DefaultAllocator.h.

template<class Allocator >
void Sawyer::ProxyAllocator< Allocator >::deallocate ( void *  addr,
size_t  size 

Deallocate memory.

Deallocates memory by delegating to the underlying allocator.

See also

Definition at line 81 of file DefaultAllocator.h.

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