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SeqStructLattice Class Reference


Definition at line 26 of file sequenceStructAnalysis.h.

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Public Types

enum  seqLevel {
  uninitialized =0,
  bottom =1,
  startKnown =2,
  seqKnown =3,
  top =4

Public Member Functions

 SeqStructLattice (ConstrGraph *cg, const DataflowNode &n, string indent="")
 SeqStructLattice (ConstrGraph *cg, const DataflowNode &n, const varID &vInit, int startOffset, string indent="")
 SeqStructLattice (ConstrGraph *cg, const DataflowNode &n, int initVal, string indent="")
 SeqStructLattice (ConstrGraph *cg, const DataflowNode &n, const varID &initV, const varID &finV, int s, string indent="")
 SeqStructLattice (ConstrGraph *cg, const DataflowNode &n, int initV, int finV, int s, string indent="")
 SeqStructLattice (const SeqStructLattice &that, string indent="")
void initialize ()
Latticecopy () const
void copy (Lattice *that)
void remapVars (const map< varID, varID > &varNameMap, const Function &newFunc)
void incorporateVars (Lattice *that_arg)
Latticeproject (SgExpression *expr)
bool unProject (SgExpression *expr, Lattice *exprState)
bool meetUpdate (Lattice *that_arg)
bool setToBottom ()
bool setToTop ()
bool setToStartKnown (varID vInit, int initOffset)
bool setToStartKnown (int initVal)
bool setToSeqKnown (varID vFin, int finOffset, int stride)
seqLevel getLevel () const
bool operator== (Lattice *that)
string str (string indent="")
- Public Member Functions inherited from FiniteLattice
bool finiteLattice ()
 Check if this lattice is finite or not.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Lattice
bool operator!= (Lattice *that)
bool operator== (Lattice &that)
bool operator!= (Lattice &that)

Public Attributes

varID vInit
varID vFin
int s

Protected Member Functions

void init (string indent="")
bool copyFrom (const SeqStructLattice &that, string indent="")

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