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Utf8 Class Reference


Definition at line 13 of file Utf8.h.

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class  BadUnicodeException
 Class thrown when a Unicode character is encountered. More...
class  BadUtf8CodeException
 Class thrown when a bad Utf8 sequence is encountered. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static int getCharSize (int val)
 Compute the number of bytes that was required to store a UTF8 character sequence that starts with the character c.
static int getUnicodeValue (const char *bytes)
 Compute the code value of a Unicode character encoded in UTF8 format in the array of characters "bytes".
static string getUtf8String (int value)
 Convert a unicode character into its Utf8 representation.
static string getPrintableJavaUnicodeCharacter (int value)
 Convert the Unicode "value" into a printable Unicode character.
static string getPrintableJavaUnicodeString (const char *str)
 Construct a printable unicode string for Java from a given Utf8 string of characters.

Static Public Attributes

static BadUnicodeException bad_unicode_exception
static BadUtf8CodeException bad_utf8_code_exception

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