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VirtualCFG::CFGPath Class Reference


Definition at line 157 of file virtualCFG.h.

Public Member Functions

 CFGPath (CFGEdge e)
 CFGPath (const CFGPath &a, const CFGPath &b)
std::string toString () const
std::string toStringForDebugging () const
std::string id () const
CFGNode source () const
CFGNode target () const
EdgeConditionKind condition () const
SgExpressioncaseLabel () const
SgExpressionconditionBasedOn () const
std::vector< SgInitializedName * > scopesBeingExited () const
std::vector< SgInitializedName * > scopesBeingEntered () const
bool operator== (const CFGPath &o) const
bool operator!= (const CFGPath &o) const
bool operator< (const CFGPath &o) const
 An arbitrary order, so we can use this in std::set and std::map.
const std::vector< CFGEdge > & getEdges () const
 Returns the edges in the path, starting at the source and ending at the target.

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