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VirtualCFG::cfgRWTransaction Class Reference


Definition at line 106 of file CFGRewrite.h.

Collaboration diagram for VirtualCFG::cfgRWTransaction:
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Public Member Functions

void beginTransaction ()
void insertBefore (DataflowNode n, SgExpression *newNode)
void insertBefore (SgNode *n, SgExpression *newNode)
void insertAfter (DataflowNode n, SgExpression *newNode)
void insertAfter (SgNode *n, SgExpression *newNode)
void transform (CFGTransform callbackFunc, SgNode *n, SgNode *newNode, void *data)
void insertAlong (DataflowEdge e, SgExpression *newNode)
void commitTransaction ()

Public Attributes

std::list< modRequest * > requests

Protected Member Functions

void do_insertBefore (DataflowNode n, SgExpression *newNode)
void do_insertBefore (SgNode *n, SgExpression *newNode)
void do_insertAfter (DataflowNode n, SgExpression *newNode)
void do_insertAfter (SgNode *n, SgExpression *newNode)

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