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VirtualCFG::dataflow Class Reference


Definition at line 100 of file VirtualCFGIterator.h.

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class  checkpoint

Public Member Functions

 dataflow (const DataflowNode &terminator_arg)
 dataflow (const DataflowNode &start, const DataflowNode &terminator_arg)
void init (const DataflowNode &start_arg, const DataflowNode &terminator_arg)
void add (const DataflowNode &next)
checkpoint getChkpt ()
void restartFromChkpt (checkpoint &chkpt)
std::string str (std::string indent="")
- Public Member Functions inherited from VirtualCFG::iterator
 iterator (const DataflowNode &start)
void init (const DataflowNode &start)
virtual void operator++ (int)
bool eq (const iterator &other_it) const
bool operator== (const iterator &other_it) const
bool operator!= (const iterator &it) const
DataflowNodeoperator* ()
checkpoint getChkpt ()
void restartFromChkpt (checkpoint &chkpt)
std::string str (std::string indent="")

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VirtualCFG::iterator
static iterator begin (DataflowNode n)
static iterator end ()
- Public Attributes inherited from VirtualCFG::iterator
std::list< DataflowNoderemainingNodes
std::set< DataflowNodevisited
bool initialized
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VirtualCFG::iterator
bool isRemaining (DataflowNode n)
void advance (bool fwDir, bool pushAllChildren)

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