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loopNode Class Reference


Definition at line 14 of file loopAdapter.h.

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Public Member Functions

 loopNode (MyLoop *snode)
MyLoopgetNode () const
 Get the raw IR node associated with the current abstract node.
virtual std::string getConstructTypeName () const
 Get the construct' s type name, like function.
virtual bool hasSourcePos () const
 If the node has meaningful line and column numbers associated with a file.
virtual AbstractHandle::abstract_nodegetFileNode () const
 Get the start source file position of the construct Get the abstract node for file containing the current node. More...
virtual AbstractHandle::abstract_nodegetParent () const
 Get parent node, used for generate parent handle automatically.
virtual AbstractHandle::abstract_nodefindNode (std::string construct_type_str, AbstractHandle::specifier mspecifier) const
 Find a node of a given type, it also matches the specifier.
virtual std::string getFileName () const
virtual AbstractHandle::source_position getStartPos () const
virtual std::string toString () const
virtual size_t getNumbering (const abstract_node *another_node) const
virtual bool operator== (const abstract_node &x) const
std::vector< MyLoop * > getChildren () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractHandle::abstract_node
virtual bool hasName () const
 If the node has legal names defined by language standards.
virtual std::string getName () const
 Get the name of the construct if it is named, like function name.
virtual abstract_nodefindNode (std::string handle_str) const
 Find a node from a string for a abstract handle's string format, starting from this node eg. More...
virtual source_position_pair getSourcePos () const
virtual source_position getEndPos () const
virtual size_t getIntLabel () const
 Get integer label.
virtual std::string getStringLabel () const
 Get string label.
virtual size_t getNumbering (const abstract_node *another_node) const
 Get the ordering of the construct relative to another construct in a higher scope Numbering start from 1 e.g. More...
virtual bool operator== (const abstract_node &x) const =0

Protected Attributes


Member Function Documentation

virtual AbstractHandle::abstract_node* loopNode::getFileNode ( ) const

Get the start source file position of the construct Get the abstract node for file containing the current node.

Reimplemented from AbstractHandle::abstract_node.

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