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ssa_unfiltered_cfg::DefsAndUsesTraversal Class Reference


This class collects all the defs and uses associated with each node in the traversed CFG.

Note that this does not compute reachability information; it just records each instance of a variable used or defined.

Definition at line 73 of file defsAndUsesUnfilteredCfg.h.

#include <midend/programAnalysis/ssaUnfilteredCfg/defsAndUsesUnfilteredCfg.h>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< CFGNode, std::set< ssa_private::UniqueNameTraversal::VarName > > CFGNodeToVarsMap

Public Member Functions

virtual ChildUses evaluateSynthesizedAttribute (SgNode *node, SynthesizedAttributesList attrs)
 Called to evaluate the synthesized attribute on every node. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void CollectDefsAndUses (SgNode *traversalRoot, CFGNodeToVarsMap &defs, std::map< SgNode *, std::set< SgVarRefExp * > > &uses)
 Call this method to collect defs and uses for a subtree. More...

Member Function Documentation

static void ssa_unfiltered_cfg::DefsAndUsesTraversal::CollectDefsAndUses ( SgNode traversalRoot,
CFGNodeToVarsMap &  defs,
std::map< SgNode *, std::set< SgVarRefExp * > > &  uses 

Call this method to collect defs and uses for a subtree.

The additional defs and uses discovered in the tree will be inserted in the passed data structures.

virtual ChildUses ssa_unfiltered_cfg::DefsAndUsesTraversal::evaluateSynthesizedAttribute ( SgNode node,
SynthesizedAttributesList  attrs 

Called to evaluate the synthesized attribute on every node.

This function will handle passing all variables that are defined and used by a given operation.

nodeThe node being evaluated.
attrThe attributes from the child nodes.
The attribute at this node.

Implements AstBottomUpProcessing< ChildUses >.

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