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Rose::AST Namespace Reference


Collection of functionalities performing global operations on the AST.


 Checking function that apply to the whole AST.
 Controls for command-line options that uses function the Rose::AST namespace.
 Mechanism to describe defect in the AST.
 Function used to load, merge, prune, link, delete.
 Collection of utility functions to operate on the AST.


class  NodeId
 A mostly static class for creating and storing Unique Node Identifiers. More...


using Defect = Defects::defect_t< Defects::Kind::any >
 Main interface for Rose::AST::Defects. More...
using IntegrityEdgeDefect = Defects::defect_t< Defects::Kind::integrity_edges >

Typedef Documentation

Main interface for Rose::AST::Defects.

Use Defect::record<Kind>(args...) to record a defect. Use Defect::display(std::ostream&) to display all defects. Iterate over Defect::all. TODO const iterator and filter

Definition at line 78 of file Defect.h.