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Sawyer::Document::Markup Namespace Reference


A system for embedding function calls in text.

This namespace has functions for marking up text with function calls. A function call looks like @foo{arg1}{arg2}... where foo is the name of the function and its arguments are each enclosed in curly braces. A function declaration for "foo" must be inserted into the grammar before "@@foo" can be recognized.


class  Concat
 No-operation. More...
class  Error
 Function that generates an error message. More...
class  ErrorLocation
 Information about the location of an exception. More...
class  Eval
 Evaluate arguments a second time. More...
class  Function
 Base class for markup functions. More...
class  Grammar
 Grammar declaration. More...
class  IfEq
 An "if" statement. More...
class  Quote
 Function that quotes its arguments. More...
class  Reflow
 A class that can reflow and indent paragraphs. More...
class  StaticContent
 A function that inserts a string. More...
class  SyntaxError
 Syntax error when parsing markup. More...
class  TokenStream


typedef Lexer::Token< TokenType > Token


enum  TokenType {