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SgAsmElfFileHeader::Elf64FileHeader_disk Struct Reference


Definition at line 19280 of file binaryInstruction.C.

Public Attributes

unsigned char e_ident_magic [4]
unsigned char e_ident_file_class
unsigned char e_ident_data_encoding
unsigned char e_ident_file_version
unsigned char e_ident_padding [9]
uint16_t e_type
uint16_t e_machine
uint32_t e_version
uint64_t e_entry
uint64_t e_phoff
uint64_t e_shoff
uint32_t e_flags
uint16_t e_ehsize
uint16_t e_phentsize
uint16_t e_phnum
uint16_t e_shentsize
uint16_t e_shnum
uint16_t e_shstrndx

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