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SgAsmElfSegmentTableEntry::Elf32SegmentTableEntry_disk Struct Reference


File format of an ELF Segment header.

Byte order of members depends on e_ident value in file header. This code comes directly from "Executable and Linkable Format (ELF)", Portable Formats Specification, Version 1.1, Tool Interface Standards (TIS) and not from any header file. The 64-bit structure is gleaned from the Linux elf(5) man page. Segment table entries (a.k.a., ELF program headers) either describe process segments or give supplementary info which does not contribute to the process image.

Definition at line 6262 of file binaryInstruction.C.

Public Attributes

uint32_t p_type
 0x00 kind of segment
uint32_t p_offset
 0x04 file offset
uint32_t p_vaddr
 0x08 desired mapped address of segment
uint32_t p_paddr
 0x0c physical address where supported (unused by System V)
uint32_t p_filesz
 0x20 bytes in file (may be zero or other value smaller than p_memsz)
uint32_t p_memsz
 0x24 number of bytes when mapped (may be zero)
uint32_t p_flags
uint32_t p_align
 0x2c alignment for file and memory (0,1=>none); power of two

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