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SgAsmElfSymbol::Elf32SymbolEntry_disk Struct Reference


32-bit format of an ELF symbol.

Definition at line 6610 of file binaryInstruction.C.

Public Attributes

uint32_t st_name
 Name offset into string table.
uint32_t st_value
 Value: absolute value, address, etc. More...
uint32_t st_size
 Symbol size in bytes.
unsigned char st_info
 Type and binding attributes.
unsigned char st_res1
 Reserved; always zero.
uint16_t st_shndx
 Section index or special meaning.

Member Data Documentation

uint32_t SgAsmElfSymbol::Elf32SymbolEntry_disk::st_value

Value: absolute value, address, etc.

depending on sym type

Definition at line 6612 of file binaryInstruction.C.

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