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SgAsmElfSymverDefinedEntry::ElfSymverDefinedEntry_disk Struct Reference


Disk format.

32- and 64-bit formats are both the same.

Definition at line 16451 of file binaryInstruction.C.

Public Attributes

uint16_t vd_version
 version of this struct: This field shall be set to 1
uint16_t vd_flags
 Version information flag bitmask.
uint16_t vd_ndx
 Version index of this entry.
uint16_t vd_cnt
 Number of verdaux entries. More...
uint32_t vd_hash
 Hash of version name.
uint32_t vd_aux
 Offset (in bytes) to start of array of verdaux entries.
uint32_t vd_next
 Offset (in bytes) to next verdef entry.

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t SgAsmElfSymverDefinedEntry::ElfSymverDefinedEntry_disk::vd_cnt

Number of verdaux entries.

See also

Definition at line 16455 of file binaryInstruction.C.

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