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SgAsmNEFileHeader::NEFileHeader_disk Struct Reference


Definition at line 6173 of file binaryInstruction.C.

Public Attributes

unsigned char e_magic [2]
unsigned char e_linker_major
unsigned char e_linker_minor
uint16_t e_entrytab_rfo
uint16_t e_entrytab_size
uint32_t e_checksum
uint16_t e_flags1
uint16_t e_autodata_sn
uint16_t e_bss_size
uint16_t e_stack_size
uint32_t e_csip
uint32_t e_sssp
uint16_t e_nsections
uint16_t e_nmodrefs
uint16_t e_nnonresnames
uint16_t e_sectab_rfo
uint16_t e_rsrctab_rfo
uint16_t e_resnametab_rfo
uint16_t e_modreftab_rfo
uint16_t e_importnametab_rfo
uint32_t e_nonresnametab_offset
uint16_t e_nmovable_entries
uint16_t e_sector_align
uint16_t e_nresources
unsigned char e_exetype
unsigned char e_flags2
uint16_t e_fastload_sector
uint16_t e_fastload_nsectors
uint16_t e_res1
uint16_t e_winvers

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