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SgAsmPEFileHeader::PE64OptHeader_disk Struct Reference


Definition at line 13369 of file binaryInstruction.C.

Public Attributes

uint16_t e_opt_magic
uint16_t e_lmajor
uint16_t e_lminor
uint16_t e_code_size
uint32_t e_data_size
uint32_t e_bss_size
uint32_t e_entrypoint_rva
uint32_t e_code_rva
uint64_t e_image_base
uint32_t e_section_align
uint32_t e_file_align
uint16_t e_os_major
uint16_t e_os_minor
uint16_t e_user_major
uint16_t e_user_minor
uint16_t e_subsys_major
uint16_t e_subsys_minor
uint32_t e_reserved9
uint32_t e_image_size
uint32_t e_header_size
uint32_t e_file_checksum
uint16_t e_subsystem
uint16_t e_dll_flags
uint64_t e_stack_reserve_size
uint64_t e_stack_commit_size
uint64_t e_heap_reserve_size
uint64_t e_heap_commit_size
uint32_t e_loader_flags
uint32_t e_num_rvasize_pairs

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