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StructCustomizedSizes Struct Reference


Support for cross compilation or extended UPC support.

UPC data type sizes depend on a specified runtime implementation, So we allow users to optionally provide customized sizes and alignments.

Definition at line 13 of file abiStuff.h.

#include <sageInterface/abiStuff.h>

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Public Attributes

std::string str_abi
size_t sz_bool
size_t sz_alignof_bool
size_t sz_char
size_t sz_alignof_char
size_t sz_int
size_t sz_alignof_int
size_t sz_short
size_t sz_alignof_short
size_t sz_long
size_t sz_alignof_long
size_t sz_longlong
size_t sz_alignof_longlong
size_t sz_float
size_t sz_alignof_float
size_t sz_double
size_t sz_alignof_double
size_t sz_longdouble
size_t sz_alignof_longdouble
size_t sz_pointer
size_t sz_alignof_pointer
size_t sz_reference
size_t sz_alignof_reference
size_t sz_void_ptr
size_t sz_alignof_void_ptr
size_t sz_ptrdiff_t
size_t sz_alignof_ptrdiff_t
size_t sz_size_t
size_t sz_alignof_size_t
size_t sz_wchar
size_t sz_alignof_wchar
size_t sz_shared_ptr
size_t sz_alignof_shared_ptr
size_t sz_pshared_ptr
size_t sz_alignof_pshared_ptr
size_t sz_mem_handle
size_t sz_alignof_mem_handle
size_t sz_reg_handle
size_t sz_alignof_reg_handle
size_t sz_alignof_dbl_1st
size_t sz_alignof_int64_1st
size_t sz_alignof_sharedptr_1st
size_t sz_alignof_psharedptr_1st
size_t sz_alignof_dbl_innerstruct
size_t sz_alignof_int64_innerstruct
size_t sz_alignof_sharedptr_innerstruct
size_t sz_alignof_psharedptr_innerstruct
size_t sz_maxblocksz

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