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CallGraphBuilder Class Reference


Definition at line 143 of file CallGraph.h.

Public Member Functions

 CallGraphBuilder (SgProject *proj)
void buildCallGraph ()
 Default builder filtering nothing in the call graph.
template<typename Predicate >
void buildCallGraph (Predicate pred)
 Builder accepting user defined predicate to filter certain functions.
SgIncidenceDirectedGraphgetGraph ()
 Grab the call graph built.
boost::unordered_map< SgFunctionDeclaration *, SgGraphNode * > & getGraphNodesMapping ()
SgGraphNodehasGraphNodeFor (SgFunctionDeclaration *fdecl) const
 Retrieve the node matching a function declaration using firstNondefiningDeclaration (does not work across translation units)
SgGraphNodegetGraphNodeFor (SgFunctionDeclaration *fdecl) const
 Retrieve the node matching a function declaration (using mangled name to resolve across translation units)

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