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IntArithLogical Class Reference


Definition at line 22 of file intArithLogical.h.

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class  exprLeaf
class  exprLeafOrNode
class  logicNode

Public Types

enum  infContent {
enum  cmpOps {
  eq =SpearOp::Equal,
  le =SpearOp::SgnLTE
enum  logOps {
  andOp =SpearOp::AndOp,
  orOp =SpearOp::OrOp,
  notOp =SpearOp::NotOp

Public Member Functions

 IntArithLogical (bool value)
 IntArithLogical (cmpOps cmp, int a, varID x, int b, varID y, int c)
 IntArithLogical (const IntArithLogical &that)
void initialize ()
void initialize (bool value)
Latticecopy () const
void copy (Lattice *that)
bool meetUpdate (Lattice *that)
bool operator== (Lattice *that)
std::string str (std::string indent="")
bool notUpd ()
bool andUpd (LogicalCond &that)
bool orUpd (LogicalCond &that)
bool setToTrue ()
bool setToFalse ()
bool removeVar (varID var)
LogicalCondcopy ()
bool isImplied (cmpOps cmp, int a, varID x, int b, varID y, int c)
bool mayTrue ()
bool mayConsistent (cmpOps cmp, int a, varID x, int b, varID y, int c)
bool assign (int a, varID x, int b, varID y, int c)
- Public Member Functions inherited from FiniteLattice
bool finiteLattice ()
 Check if this lattice is finite or not.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Lattice
virtual void remapVars (const std::map< varID, varID > &varNameMap, const Function &newFunc)
virtual void incorporateVars (Lattice *that)
virtual Latticeproject (SgExpression *expr)
virtual bool unProject (SgExpression *expr, Lattice *exprState)
bool operator!= (Lattice *that)
bool operator== (Lattice &that)
bool operator!= (Lattice &that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from LogicalCond
bool mustFalse ()

Public Attributes

infContent level

Protected Member Functions

SpearVar outputSpearExpr (exprLeaf *otherExpr, std::ofstream &os, bool createProposition)

Static Protected Member Functions

static bool runSpear (std::string inputFile)

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