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IntArithLogical::logicNode Class Reference


Definition at line 191 of file intArithLogical.h.

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Public Member Functions

 logicNode (logOps logOp)
 logicNode (logOps logOp, exprLeafOrNode *child)
 logicNode (logOps logOp, exprLeafOrNode *childA, exprLeafOrNode *childB)
 logicNode (logOps logOp, const std::list< exprLeafOrNode * > &children)
 logicNode (const logicNode &that)
void addChild (exprLeafOrNode *child)
bool setToTrue ()
bool setToFalse ()
infContent getLevel ()
const std::list< SpearAbstractVar * > & getVars ()
SpearAbstractVar * getOutVar ()
const std::string & getExpr ()
std::string str (std::string indent="")
std::string str (std::string indent="") const
std::string genStr (std::string indent="") const
elt elType ()
SpearExpr * copy ()
bool notUpd ()
void genChildrenConj (std::list< exprLeafOrNode * > &newChildren, std::list< exprLeafOrNode * > newConjOrig, std::list< exprLeafOrNode * >::const_iterator curChild)
bool andUpd (logicNode &that)
bool orUpd (logicNode &that)
bool replaceVar (varID var, int p, int q, int r)
bool removeVar (varID var)
bool operator== (exprLeafOrNode &that)
bool operator<= (exprLeafOrNode &that)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IntArithLogical::exprLeafOrNode
bool operator!= (exprLeafOrNode &that)
bool operator< (exprLeafOrNode &that)
bool operator>= (exprLeafOrNode &that)
bool operator> (exprLeafOrNode &that)

Protected Member Functions

bool normalize ()
void computeVarsExpr ()
void insertNewChildOr (std::list< exprLeafOrNode * > &newChildren, exprLeafOrNode *newTerm)
bool eqChildren (std::list< exprLeafOrNode * > &one, std::list< exprLeafOrNode * > &two)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IntArithLogical::exprLeafOrNode
enum  elt {
enum  infContent {

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