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Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall Class Reference


Describes one funtion call in the call stack.

Definition at line 75 of file P2Model.h.

#include <Rose/BinaryAnalysis/ModelChecker/P2Model.h>

Public Member Functions

 FunctionCall (const Partitioner2::FunctionPtr &, rose_addr_t initialSp, Sawyer::Optional< rose_addr_t > returnAddress, const Variables::StackVariables &)
Partitioner2::FunctionPtr function () const
 Property: The function called. More...
rose_addr_t initialStackPointer () const
 Property: Initial stack pointer. More...
const Variables::StackVariablesstackVariables () const
 Property: Stack variables. More...
rose_addr_t framePointer (size_t nBits) const
 Computed frame pointer. More...
std::string printableName (size_t nBits) const
 Some basic info about the function call. More...
rose_addr_t framePointerDelta () const
 Property: Frame pointer delta. More...
void framePointerDelta (rose_addr_t)
 Property: Frame pointer delta. More...
Sawyer::Optional< rose_addr_t > returnAddress () const
 Address to which function returns. More...
void returnAddress (Sawyer::Optional< rose_addr_t >)
 Address to which function returns. More...

Member Function Documentation

Partitioner2::FunctionPtr Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::function ( ) const

Property: The function called.

rose_addr_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::initialStackPointer ( ) const

Property: Initial stack pointer.

The concrete value of the stack pointer at the start of the function.

const Variables::StackVariables& Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::stackVariables ( ) const

Property: Stack variables.

rose_addr_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::framePointerDelta ( ) const

Property: Frame pointer delta.

Amount to add to the initial stack pointer to get the usual frame pointer.

void Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::framePointerDelta ( rose_addr_t  )

Property: Frame pointer delta.

Amount to add to the initial stack pointer to get the usual frame pointer.

rose_addr_t Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::framePointer ( size_t  nBits) const

Computed frame pointer.

This is the frame pointer computed from the initial stack pointer and the frame pointer delta.

Sawyer::Optional<rose_addr_t> Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::returnAddress ( ) const

Address to which function returns.

void Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::returnAddress ( Sawyer::Optional< rose_addr_t >  )

Address to which function returns.

std::string Rose::BinaryAnalysis::ModelChecker::P2Model::FunctionCall::printableName ( size_t  nBits) const

Some basic info about the function call.

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