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 Installing ROSEHow to install ROSE from source code
 Software dependenciesSoftware on which ROSE depends
 Installing the GNU Compiler CollectionInstructions for installing GCC, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing GitInstructions for installing Git, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing wgetInstructions for installing wget, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing GNU AutotoolsInstructions for installing GNU autotools, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing CMakeInstructions for installing CMake, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing flex and bison.Instructions for installing Flex and bison, ROSE software dependencies
 Installing the Java runtime environmentInstructions for installing the Java runtime environment, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing the Java development kitInstructions for installing the Java development kit, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing PythonInstructions for installing Python, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing BoostInstructions for installing Boost, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing DoxygenInstructions for installing Doxygen, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing GraphVizInstructions for installing GraphViz, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing ZGRViewerInstructions for installing ZGRViewer, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing QtInstructions for installing Qt, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing GraphicsMagickInstructions for installing GraphicsMagick, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing a Relational Database Management SystemInstructions for installing SQLite3 and/or PostgreSQL, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing GNU readlineInstructions for installing GNU readline, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing libmagicInstructions for installing libmagic, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing YAML-cppInstructions for installing YAML-cpp, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing DlibInstructions for installing Dlib, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing WtInstructions for installing Wt, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing cryptography librariesInstructions for installing cryptography libraries that are ROSE software dependencies
 Installing libxml2Instructions for installing libxml2, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing HaskellInstructions for installing ghc, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing libdwarf and libelfInstructions for installing libdwarf and libelf, a ROSE software dependency
 Installing EDGROSE uses the Edison Design Group's software for parsing C/C++
 Developing ROSE-based toolsHow to build tools based on the ROSE library
 Build systemsUsing a build system to build tools
 Library general principlesInformation about the ROSE library API in general
 Ownership of heap-allocated objectsParadigms for allocation/deallocation of objects
 FrontendFirst phase of processing and analysis
 MidendAnalyzing and transforming the AST
 Working with attributesAttaching user-defined attributes to objects
 AST ProcessingMechanism for traversing the AST and computing attributes
 BackendGeneration of source code from the AST
 Backend C and C++ Code GeneratorGenerates C or C++ Source code from the AST
 Backend Language Independent Code GeneratorGenerates calls to the appropriate language to build source code from the AST
 Backend Cxx Code GeneratorGenerates C++ Source code from the AST
 Backend Fortran Code GeneratorGenerates Fortran Source code from the AST
 Analysis and transformation toolsSome tools based on the ROSE library
 Declaration move tool
 dotGenerator and dotGeneratorWholeASTGraph
 Identity Translator
 PDF Generator
 Library developers and collaboratorsDocumentation oriented toward those working on ROSE
 ROSE Source Code LicenseLicenses for ROSE and related software
 Writing Git commit messagesWhat constitutes a good Git commit message
 Writing documentationHow to write good API and non-API documentation in ROSE
 High level AST buildersThis namespace contains high level SAGE III AST node and subtree builders
 Query LibraryThis library simplifies the development of useful queries upon the AST
 Local Node Query LibraryThis library simplifies the development of useful queries upon individual nodes of the AST
 Transformation Support LibraryGeneral support for transformations
 Subtree Query LibraryThis library simplifies the development of useful queries that require a traversal of any subtree of the AST
 General Utility FunctionsThese functions are common to ROSETTA and ROSE (and are used within Sage III as well)
 Sawyer Support LibrarySawyer is a library for library writers
 Command line parser factoriesFactories for creating instances of Sawyer::CommandLine::ValueParser subclasses
 Command line action factoriesFactories for creating instances of Sawyer::CommandLine::SwitchAction subclasses
 Command line value augmenter factoriesFactories for creating instances of Sawyer::CommandLine::ValueAugmenter subclasses
 InstallationSawyer can be downloaded from GitHub
 Library design goalsGoals that influence the design of this library
 Reference counting smart pointersPointers that automatically delete the underlying object
 Class propertiesData members that that store a simple value
 Examples of indexed graph featuresExamples for using indexing features of Graph
 Indexing string verticesDemo of indexing graph vertices that are strings
 Using only part of a vertex as the keyDemo of using only part of a vertex as the lookup key
 Using a hash-based lookupDemo of using a hash-based mechanism for the vertex index
 Using a custom index typeDemo showing how to define your own index type
 ROSE 3rd Party LibrariesA number of independent librres used in ROSE
 Multi-Support Template LibraryThis library is a separable part of the ROSE project
 DOT (Graph) Visualization of ASTThis library defines the DOT output (graphical representation) of the AST
 PDF Visualization of ASTThis class defines the PDF output of the AST